Recommended ICC Profiles

It is important to specify the correct ICC Profile for your PDF files. This ICC Profile will be used by your printer to do color conversions or proofing of your specific job, on a specific paper type. As always it is best to talk to your printer and discuss how you should proceed.

If you are not able to talk to your printer and your regional graphic arts association cannot provide any guidelines, your best bet is to use one of the ICC Profiles recommended by the GWG. You can download the table with recommended profiles either as a PDF file or an Excel spreadsheet.

Default ICC Profiles in Application Settings

The application settings you can download on this website already contain a default ICC Profile to make them compliant with the PDF/X standard. This default profile was selected as the most appropriate generic profile for each of the market segments we support. As stated in the previous section, you should select a better ICC Profile after talking to your printer and replace the default ICC profile in the application settings you download and use, accordingly.