Workflow Tools

The main purpose of the Ghent Workgroup is to create practical workflow tools that make your daily production tasks easier and faster. We are always adding or updating these tools, which include:

Job Tickets

Job tickets describe the metadata that needs to accompany files to clarify the intent of those files. You can download the description of these job tickets and in most cases ready to use job ticket configurations to use in the Adobe Creative Suite applications.

Application Settings

Settings for the most commonly used applications in professional publishing workflows, to automatically and properly create and check PDF files. Simply download and install in your favorite application.

Test Suites

Using the test suites developed or distributed by the GWG, you can test your output device or workflow applications. This ensures your workflow correctly handles critical features such as transparency, overprint etc.

Is your application compliant?

Do you know if the application you are using is compliant with one of our GWG specifications? Click here to see the latest list of PDF creation and production tools we’ve tested.

Is your color accurate?

If you are not able to talk to your printer and your regional graphic arts association cannot provide any guidelines, your best bet is to use one of the ICC Profiles recommended by the GWG.