The GWG Cross Media Subcommittee wants your input!

The GWG Cross Media Subcommittee wants your input!

Greetings from the Ghent Work Group Cross Media Subcommittee:

With the nearly lightning speed proliferation of mobile computing/communications/reading devices, the use of the PDF format to deliver content has surfaced significant barriers to effective/efficient production and delivery.

The GWG Cross Media Sub-Committee has been formed to review the use of technology in content delivery to these mobile devices and determine if a new PDF specification or use of other formats (XML, ePub,..) is needed to standardize the creation of files for this environments.

The survey is designed to gather information to be used by the subcommittee in making this determination.

Your participation is requested by completing the survey.

The estimated time to full fill the survey is approximately 10 min.

Click here to fill in the SURVEY*. The survey will be closed by Friday March 11th.

If you have questions, please contact either of the Co-Chairs Kirk A. Brauch or BArt Van Looy or at the following email addresses.

Once again, thank you for your participation in this endeavor.

Best regards,

Kirk A. Brauch:

BArt Van Looy: