Special to the PIA Color Conference 2014

Special to the PIA Color Conference 2014

The Ghent Workgroup Approaching Major Milestone with New Standard for Packaging

Steven Carter, SVP Phototype, to present “PDFs for Packaging” session at PIA’s Color Conference 2014

Adhering to the pending standard can substantially reduce time to market and costs

Ghent, Belgium – November 24, 2014 – The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) is solving what may be the most common, potentially expensive problem in production and approval cycles: version frustration. Steven Carter, GWG packaging subcommittee co-chair and SVP Technology, Phototype, will include details on new GWG-developed specifications being reviewed by the International Standards Organization (ISO) in his PIA Color Conference session: “Tools to Help You Create Rock-Solid PDFs for Packaging”. Carter’s session is scheduled for Monday, December 8, 1:40 pm at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort in Arizona, USA.

Session attendees will be among the first, worldwide, to hear how the GWG has made major progress toward achieving the ultimate goal in packaging production and approval: one true version.

In the meantime Carter, co-author of the current GWG packaging specifications, will show attendees how the newest specifications allow stakeholders to view layers, including print and non-print (metadata) information that is relevant and understandable to each one of them, only. Carter will also help attendees identify and assist them in exploring the tools necessary to creating rock-solid PDFs for packaging.

Stakeholders can comment and pass the single version on for additional review.

  • Brand owners can see 2D packaging graphics in the context that makes sense to them, without all of the complex technical information cluttering up their view.
  • Printers can, and should, review all content, including the technical items that may not even print on the final package.
  • … and more.

The Packaging Segment’s Vision for Streamlined Files for Fast Approval and Production is Being Achieved

The work done to advance the PDF format in support of packaging’s vision falls into three basic areas. Special Color handling with Spectral values; support for multiple views of the same visual graphics, using the same PDF file, supporting the unique roles of the stakeholders within the packaging supply chain; and extensive non-content and finishing standards.

The GWG is getting close to fully delivering on all the packaging segment’s requests, and packaging workflow software vendors will be introducing the results of this work in their products in the very near future.


The Color Conference is being held at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas
 in Scottsdale, Arizona on December 6-9. To register for Carter’s session, Tools to Help You Create Rock-Solid PDFs for Packaging, go to:


PIA Color Conference 2014

Tools to Help You Create Rock-Solid PDFs for Packaging”.Steven Carter, Senior Vice-President of Technology, Phototype, and Co-Chair Packaging subcommittee, Ghent Workgroup

Monday, December 8 at 1:40 pm

Hilton Scottsdale Resort, Arizona