Global Graphics allowed us to make their PDF/X – frequently asked questions document available on our website. You find an introduction to the FAQ by Martin Bailey from Global Graphics and download links for the English and German version of the FAQ on this page.

Global Graphics PDF/X FAQ

Over the last few years many people have talked a lot about PDF/X, and the sources of information on the subject have multiplied significantly. Unfortunately it can still be rather difficult to obtain clear and complete answers to some of the questions that you might expect to be asked by print buyers, advertisers, publishers and print service providers. There is also a certain amount of misinformation being passed on, often based on things that may have been true in the past. In other cases a mistaken understanding of the perceived ‘dangers’ of some aspects of PDF/X lead people to reject it in favor of specifications and workflows that are far more risky and less reliable than PDF/X could provide.

This document is therefore an attempt to ensure that accurate information is freely and widely available to all.

Please note that this is not an official CGATS or ISO publication, it is developed and maintained by me, and sponsored by my employer, Global Graphics Software. Any recommendations are mine, although I have made every attempt to ensure that they align as well as possible as any single opinion can do with industry consensus. Any mistakes are also mine; comments and corrections are always welcome, as are suggestions for additional information that could usefully be included. More specifically, this cannot be treated as a formal interpretation of any aspects of the PDF/X standards. Both CGATS and ISO have procedures to request official clarifications and interpretations of their standards which should be followed if you have a need to do so.

This text is copyright Global Graphics Software. If you’d like to reproduce it in whole or in part; on the web, in a magazine or elsewhere; whether in the original English or in translation; please contact me. Permission will usually be granted very quickly and easily for any use that will help to spread accurate information throughout the graphic arts industry.

Thanks, and I hope this proves useful to you.

Martin Bailey

Senior Technical Consultant, Global Graphics

Vice Chair, CGATS

Chair, CGATS SC6/TF1 (PDF/X)

Chair, ISO/TC130/WG2/TF2 (PDF/X)