Newly appointed Ghent Workgroup Executive Committee

Newly appointed Ghent Workgroup Executive Committee

Newly appointed Ghent Workgroup Executive Committee gears up for exciting digital & packaging challenges

Welcoming GWG member Cindy Van Luyck as Marketing Officer

GHENT, BELGIUM – 20 September 2016 – The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) appointed the Executive Committee at its yearly annual meeting in June. David Zwang continues as Chairman with David van Driessche as Executive Officer and Elli Cloots as Vice Chair. Andrew-Bailes Collins remains Technical Officer and Jason Lisi Documentation Officer. Peter Claes resigns as Marketing Officer, continuing as active GWG member and Treasurer. The Chairman thanks all Executive Committee and general members for their past and ongoing efforts, all on goodwill basis to support the association and industry.

Ghent Workgroup is very pleased to announce the appointment of Cindy Van Luyck as GWG Marketing Officer. With impressive industry experience, she is perfectly suited to guide the GWG marketing efforts. Currently Cindy is Marketing Manager at CHILI publish, a recent GWG member who implemented the latest specifications in their solution offering.


David Zwang, Chairman of Ghent Workgroup, comments: “We have done an amazing amount of work in the past 14 years, on a truly global basis. This includes PDF specifications for preflight, job tickets for ad delivery, soft proofing guidelines and recently a lot of packaging related projects.” There has been tremendous change in the industry with digital technologies really starting to come together with more cohesive digital workflows. This is moving rapidly and requires a lot of standardization and streamlining to bring all pieces together in a way that make sense for print publishing and cross-media.” David Zwang (PIA – Chair Ghent Workgroup)

Cindy Van Luyck appointed new Marketing Officer

Cindy Van LuyckMarketing has become the key driver in getting messages to the market and optimizing overall communication. Cindy Van Luyck brings a wealth of industry and marketing experience, gained at Enfocus, Four Pees and recently as Marketing Manager of CHILI publish. In each of these cases she managed to profile the companies as an innovative and dynamic global player in a very short timeframe. “I’m so pleased to join GWG, and look forward to working closer together with many industry experts I have known for many years now. The marketing challenges at GWG perfectly match my background, and I’m confident that the entire industry, as well as all vendor members and associations will benefit from greater international exposure and visibility. It will help streamline the entire supply chain and boost efficiency in all print and multi-channel workflows.

David Zwang confirms: “I have known Cindy for many years and she has grown into a well-respected and knowledgeable marketing person with an amazing drive and enthusiasm. We have some exciting challenges ahead at GWG on the digital solutions side, but also communicating and profiling us in new markets like packaging. Myself and the Executive Committee are confident she will be a great addition to the team, we all look forward to working with her!”

Ghent Workgroup challenges & opportunities

David van Driessche, Executive Director at GWG, comments: “Our focus has shifted from PDF to a broader scope of interconnected workflows, with many more aspects coming into play now: new markets, job ticketing, meta data. It stretches over best practices for publishing and packaging workflows, with a strong strategic direction into digital. More than ever before it is important for all market players, vendors, users and associations, to communicate and get aligned. A new dynamic marketing approach led by Cindy will greatly help GWG achieve this.” David van Driessche (callas software – Executive Director Ghent Workgroup)

Elli Cloots is Vice Chair and is proud of the group: “GWG created already many valuable things. As a member we all benefit and profit from GWG’s achievement and network. The subcommittees and their Chairs deliver great work in putting specifications together and keeping them in line with the market and new developments. As the GWG membership they are composed of a healthy mix of vendor, user and association members. I do forward to future challenges and opportunities ahead.” Elli Cloots (EFI – Vice Chair Ghent Workgroup)

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About Ghent Workgroup

The Ghent Workgroup, formed in June 2002, is an international assembly of industry associations and suppliers from across Europe and the United States. The Ghent Workgroup’s objective is to establish and disseminate process specifications for best practices in graphic arts workflows.

Since its inception over ten years ago, the organization has consistently produced numerous process specifications for PDF exchange, as well as developing useful tools for automating processes and testing and establishing consistent PDFs for print and publishing – all available free at:

Members are comprised of graphic arts associations including: BPIF (UK), CIP4 [Switzerland], CMBO (the Netherlands), ERA (Germany), Febelgra (Belgium), FESPA (UK), FTA (USA), Medibel+ (Belgium), PDFX-ready (Switzerland), Printing Industries of America (USA), UNIC (France) and VIGC (Belgium).

Vendor members include: Adobe, Agfa, callas software, CHILI publish, Dalim Software, EFI, Enfocus, Esko, GMG, Heidelberg, Xerox IMPIKA, Kodak, Océ, Ricoh and Quark.

Industry members are: JP/Politikenhus, Litografia Rosés, PB-Consult, Phototype, Pragmeta, Sagamgraphic and Square. Educational members are: Ryerson University and University of Wuppertal.

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