Quality Control Tablet Publishing

The GWG Cross Media Subcommittee developed the Designed for Tablets (DFT) Test Suite, which was published in June 2015.
The scope of the Designed for Tablets (DFT) project was to evaluate the current Digital Publishing Solutions of the market to define standards if possible) and best practices for tablet publishing out of the authoring applications.
As this project was preliminary in its scope, it was decided to limit the initial testing to iPad optimized published content generated from the authoring application Adobe InDesign. Vendor solutions were tested in terms of their digital publishing workflow as well as their corresponding viewing app on the iPad.

Testing environment:
– Adobe InDesign CS6 and CC
– iOS 7.x and 8.x

Vendors/solutions tested are:
– Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (both PDF and PNG) Release 30, 31
– TwixlMedia Publisher 4.0
– Aquafadas 3.5, 3.6
– AppStudio (PDF and HTML5) v2.3.0

Click here to download the whitepaper