GWG Whitepapers

Much of the work done by the Ghent Workgroup is of a rather technical nature, white papers are written by the different subcommittees to communicate those technical details to a wider audience.

Where relevant and possible the Ghent Workgroup also tries to offer white papers and documentation from other sources.

Click the links below to access:

  • Using PDF to associate processing steps and content data (2016)
    The purpose of this white paper is to provide an overview of specifications and a proposed standard to associate processing steps and content data within a PDF. This document also explores the application of this process and files that have been created to demonstrate the association of processing steps and content data within a PDF.
  • GWG2015 PDF/X Workflow (2016)
    This GWG2015 PDF/X workflow document explains what the differences in your workflow need to be between 1v4 and GWG2015 and how you can best take advantage of the new specification as a creator and receiver.
  • Differences between GWG 2012 v4 and GWG 2015 Specifications (2016)
    Change is easier if it is clearly explained what changes, and why it changes. This white paper does do exactly that: document the changes between 1v4 and 2015 in clear and easily understandable language. Each chapter highlights one particular area that has changed and discusses the reasons behind the change and the repercussions that change may have in today’s workflows.
  • PDF File Aggregation: What you need to know (2015)
    This GWG whitepaper addresses concerns associated with PDF aggregated documents, and examines some common PDF aggregation workflows and practices. The document also provides some best practices that can be followed to minimize negative outcomes that relate to PDF aggregation.
  • Whitepaper: Ghent PDF Output Suite 4.0: Overview and Practice
    The purpose of this white paper is to provide an overview of the Ghent PDF Output Suite 4.0, and offer examples of ways that this suite can assist companies with developing and maintaining workflows that process and utilize PDF/X files in correct and consistent manner.
  • PDF/VT: Overview and Practice (2014)
    The purpose of this whitepaper is to provide an overview of the PDF/VT standard, how it works, and how it can be used in variable data printing applications.
  • GWG2012_CMYK Specifications in Practice (EN) 2013
    The purpose of this white paper is to highlight important information regarding the release of the Ghent Workgroup (GWG) specifications entitled GWG2012_CMYK. GWG2012_CMYK replaces the GWG Version 4 Specifications.
  • Specifications in practice:
    This white paper aims to provide background information on the Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications and illustrates their use in popular DTP, PDF generation and PDF verification applications.
  • Guidelines for PDF Creation from Office Applications 2009
    The Document Creators Manual helps document creators who have to convert office documents to PDF files with tips & tricks, advice what tools and practices to look out for and avoid and what the best way to convert these files is.
  • PDF/X Output Intents 2006
    If a document is submitted for printing as a PDF/X file, the intended printing condition must be recorded in the file as an “output intent” structure. Click here to read more about this subject.