Educational Presentations

In this section you will find interesting and informative presentations given by GWG members around the globe. Just click on the links to download and view.

Presentations and test files


Click here to download the ‘Meet the GWG’ presentation. This presentation gives a short introduction to the Ghent Workgroup and it’s members and and overview of the workflow tools developed by Ghent Workgroup.


9 reasons to preflight – Preflight has been around for many years and has proven its value. Preflighting your files can save you a lot of money as many errors can only be detected by preflight software. And those errors do create trouble afterwards! Click here to find out what the nine of the most common errors, detected by GWG compliant preflight applications, are.


Two presentations given by Didier Haazen from the VIGC on the joint meeting of ERA in March 2011. You can download the presentations (in PDF format) by clicking on the links below:

The following presentations were given in Chicago in April 2011 at a free half day seminar. Individual presentations in PDF format available by clicking on links below

8 Reasons to Preflight (original file) – This presentation/test file was created for Drupa 2008, and presented at a number of vendor booths. There was a bad file and a good one. Try to detect all of the problems in this file without any specialized preflight applications. 8 Reasons to Preflight (good file) is the same file that has been adjusted to be correct and thus give correct results.


Following are links to Blogs that offer valuable tips on a variety of publishing and print related topics. (Click on links below)

Prepress Tips and Tricks