Job Ticketing

Job Ticketing


The Job Ticket subcommittee investigates and develops Job Tickets Specifications.   Job Ticket Specifications  define required and optional metadata fields that are to be embedded in PDF files using Adobe XMP. Since the formation of this subcommittee, the following job tickets have been developed:

  • Ad Ticket:
    The GWG Job Ticket subcommittee has established an XMP standard for including advertisement metadata with a PDF file for print ads. This work has been done in complete collaboration with AdsML and its Ad Ticket sub-group.  The most recent version of the specification is 1.3.
  • Delivery Note Ticket:
    The GWG Job Ticket subcommittee has developed a way to attach one or more Ad tickets to an advertisement, which can be useful for situations such as advertising campaigns. This information can be stored in a PDF as XMP information. Version 1.0 is currently available.
  • Submission Ticket:
    The submission ticket specification is aimed at providing information to any documents submission in general. The first version 1 describes a request for soft-proofing approval. The goal of such ticket is to cover a workflow where software solutions can read the ticket, check if the document should be approved using soft-proofing, and if yes, will send per email a request for approval. Version 1.0 is currently available.
  • Soft-Proofing Ticket:
    The GWG Soft-Proofing Ticket uses Adobe XMP specifications to attach information to a PDF file. It provides both an easy-to-understand description of the user as well as accurate details about the viewing conditions in which the document was approved. It contains a list of user names and logins, approval date, a description of the approval software and monitor set-up information including serial number, brightness level, white point values, color temperature and calibration status. Version 1.0 is currently available.

Current Work Items

Currently the WG is developing a major revision of the Ad Ticket.  This revision will be based on current business practices and take into account the submission  of PDF ads straight from print for tablet editions.