Ghent Workgroup invites you to join and learn at the GWG Cincinnati meeting

Ghent Workgroup invites you to join and learn at the GWG Cincinnati meeting

GHENT, BELGIUM – 14 March 2017Phototype will host a workshop from May 15 – May 17, 2017 at their headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. Leaders from Phototype will share insights on a variety of important topics including packaging basics, color science, SmartArt™ and the packaging artwork production process.

David Zwang, Chairman, Ghent Workgroup says, “The use and production of packaging is going through a renaissance driven by market and product segmentation. It is being facilitated by new digital technologies and will have a significant impact on use, design and production of packaging going forward. During the workshop sessions, you will learn from the people who are living it on the front lines and creating the processes that will help drive it going forward!”

David Olberding, Co-CEO, Phototype adds, “It’s exciting to host an international audience and explore PDF for packaging and all the other areas that interact in the process. Phototype is driving change in our industry to allow our clients to reach the market faster. This is accomplished by listening closely to our clients and creating a better mousetrap for PDF application and uses.”

A Phototype campus tour will also be provided, with transportation to and from the conference. The training sessions will be followed by the Ghent Workgroup meeting on May 17-19, which is open to everyone to attend as an observer.

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GWG Membership

There are many ways to become involved in the GWG. Interested parties can become a GWG member, observer, or join a GWG subcommittee.

The GWG currently offers five different types of membership:

  • Association Members – Associations in the publishing space give feedback from the real world. The individual representatives are the driving force behind the development of GWG specifications, test suites, and more.
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  • Liaison Members – Liaison members are comprised of international standards organizations working in a field similar, or complementary, to the GWG. Liaison members reciprocate with comparable membership in their own organizations – further solidifying compatibility across objectives and solutions themselves.

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A Global Resource

Since its inception, the GWG has produced and made available free, by download, specifications for the successful use of PDF and PDF/X-PLUS in a variety of vertical graphic arts segment applications. The global industry audience also has access to the Ghent Output Suite, widely used to test the ability of workflows to correctly handle PDF files in production.

The GWG also publishes white papers and instructional documents to help the industry understand many of the issues that affect graphic arts production. Members receive priority access to all GWG products; including specifications, Ghent Output Suite, GWG white papers and other educational materials or presentations. The industry at-large has free access to all final versions of these products.