Compliancy Testing

Compliancy Testing


The mission of the Compliance Testing Subcommittee is to develop and maintain test files for validation of preflight applications against one or more of the GWG specifications. In addition, it also maintains a list of GWG compliant (preflight) applications and ensures that proper Application Settings are available in the Download Application Settings section of the GWG website.

The Compliancy Testing Subcommittee is one of the Subcommittees that is in regular contact with PDF preflight and workflow vendors (as part of their testing) trying to help and ensure that GWG specifications are implemented and supported as quickly and accurately as possible by the different vendors in the field.

Current Activites

Currently, the Compliancy Testing Subcommittee is working on the GWG2015 test set. It shall contain all necessary test files and documentation for preparation against the GWG 2015 preflight specifications. It is the same test set that GWG uses to evaluate proper implementation of the preflight checks during it’s more ‘formal’ GWG validation process.

The current released version of the GWG compliancy test set is GWG2015. Information on the GWG 2015 compliancy testing procedure and test files can be found here.