Compliancy Testing

Compliancy Testing


Applications can be called compliant to one or more of the Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications. Complaint applications are applications that have been verified to correctly create, verify, process or output PDF files according to the guidelines of one or more specifications.

The Application Settings page contains all applications that are compliant and the settings to use those applications in a compliant way (provided by the vendors of those applications).

Making your Application Compliant

In order to be called compliant with one or more of the Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications the following two steps need to be taken:

  1. As a vendor you need to verify compliance (and if necessary adjust the software) so that the guidelines in this document are followed. In order to help with this process more information is available from the Ghent PDF Workgroup:
    a. Test files to make it easier to test some of the guidelines
    b. Reference implementations for some parts of the workflow
  2. The software needs to be independently verified by the Ghent PDF Workgroup. This process is currently managed by Didier Haazen ( from the VIGC (depending on the actual testing that needs to be done, the VIGC will charge for their services). In order to start the compliance verification process for one or more applications, contact Didier Haazen directly.

Test Files

To make it easier to verify compliancy with the specifications, the Ghent PDF Workgroup makes generic test files available. These are the files which are also used by the Ghent PDF Workgroup itself to carry out the bulk of its tests.

You can download all test files and their documentation from the link below:

Download test files here (zip)