About the GWG


Who are we?

Take a cross-section of the international graphic arts community’s best minds, and have them work together to develop best practices for the benefit of the profession worldwide. This is The Ghent Workgroup.

Also known as the GWG, The Ghent Workgroup is an international organization made up of graphic arts users, associations & developers building best practices for publishing and packaging workflows. The resulting recommendations and specifications make it easy for increasing numbers of professionals around the world to successfully create, process, and exchange graphic arts files for numerous applications.

Building a Premiere Graphic Arts Think-Tank

Perhaps the fastest growing, global best practice organization for graphic arts; GWG was founded in June 2002. The initial idea for the GWG took hold among a group of professionals representing Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland, at that time working toward consensus on PDF creation and preflight settings. The process was complex, and it became clear that a more coordinated approach was needed then and for the future.

Industry experts from around the world joined the GWG in increasing numbers, and a unique, collaborative infrastructure for creating and testing international specifications was born. The results have been so positive that the group is on the way to significantly expanding the scope of projects it can undertake on behalf of the worldwide graphic arts community.

What the GWG Does For YOU

Being a member of the GWG provides you with
– ability to network with an international group of experts
– the chance to influence and set industry standards
– the opportunity to be the best in class in your industry


As an association
– be a platform for communication between vendors and end-users
– influence and promote standardization in the industry

As a vendor
influence the specifications within your industry
– have access to the knowledge and consensus of a broad group of international users
– be the first to implement them in your own software

As an industry member
– influence the specifications within your industry
– have the opportunity to talk directly to the knowledgeable vendor representatives
– share and learn from others to improve your business

As an educational institution
– remain at the forefront of technology
– see practical implementations
– pass on real life examples to students

What You Get

Member meetings: The GWG holds 3 meetings a year in different international locations where you can freely discuss all issues. A perfect opportunity to network with industry leaders.

Seminars: The GWG holds several free seminars during the year in different international locations where, as a member, you can participate as an attendee or as a presenter.

Access to ftp server: A world of information is available to members only on our ftp server.

Publications: Since its inception, the GWG has successfully produced and made available free, by download, specifications for the use of PDF and PDF/X-PLUS in a variety of vertical graphic arts segment applications.
The GWG has also the Ghent Output Suite, widely used to test the ability of workflows to correctly handle PDF files in production.
Additionally the GWG has published many white papers and instructional documents to help members and the industry understand many of the issues that affect graphic arts production.

Exposure on the GWG website: As a member you are listed on the GWG website and have your own space where you can promote and link to your own association or company.

Recognition as a member: Being a GWG member provides you with recognition within your industry and allows you the use of the GWG logo

And there’s more on the way…always.

What Do You Think?

Tell us what you think about the GWG site and the specifications. We’re all about working together, and so we want your input. Tell your friends and colleagues what we’re about, too. The more of you involved, the better for all of us.