Cindy van Luyck

Cindy van Luyck

Marketing Officer

Marketing officer: The Marketing Officer will manage the association’s marketing campaigns both internally and externally in order to educate the market and the audience on the association’s key message.

Currently: Cindy Van Luyck (CHILI publish)

Cindy Van Luyck has been industry embraced for over 15 years, based on her marketing experience at groundbreaking companies such as Enfocus, Artwork Systems, Four Pees and ADAM Software.Currently she is the marketing manager at CHILI publish, enlightening (vertical) markets on the benefits of online editing and accurate PDF rendition.

Her knowledge extends over the frontend and backend of the graphics arts industry, which validates her strong belief belief in multichannel communication. She will implement a pragmatic and humanistic marketing strategy approach at the Ghent Workgroup association, further nourishing our community cohesion.